GramCeesHouse Chicken Salad

I’ve been a fan of Boar’s Head deli meats for quite some time. However, the prices are getting a bit much and I’ll soon be moving to a location that doesn’t have a Boar’s Head deli. So …. I need to make my own chicken for quick meals instead of living off of deli meats. Even with the lower sodium varieties, deli meats are still pretty salty.  One of my favorites is Chicken Salad on Rye with a slice of Havarti. That’s an any time meal as far as I’m concerned. Here are the steps for make my Chicken Salad:

  • Step 1: Poach the chicken. I used two pounds of thawed boneless skinless chicken breasts for today’s recipe. Put the chicken into a large pot and fill it with enough water to cover the chicken. Put it on the stove on high heat. When it begins to boil, turn the heat down to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes.
  • Step 2: While the chicken is cooking, chop your vegetables. I use Vidalia onions, carrots and green olives. Put them together into a large bowl. I usually prefer using celery for crunch vs the olives but I was out of celery. You can use any combination of vegetables, fruit or nuts and/or pasta as you prefer. TIP: Elbow macaroni works great. One of my favorite people prefer sweet pickles, green peppers and onions. Just take care not to overwhelm the chicken. I used about 1 cup of onions, half a cup of carrots and about 1/3 cup of olives.

    Vidalia onions, carrots and green olives

    Vidalia onions, carrots and green olives

    • Step 3: Chop the chicken. When the chicken is done, put it onto a chopping board and cut it into small pieces.
Poached Chicken Breast

Poached Chicken Breast

Cooked chopped Chicken Breast

Cooked chopped Chicken Breast

    • Step 4: Mix the veggies. You’ll notice that I haven’t used any seasonings to this point. Now I add seasonings and mayonnaise to the veggies and mix. Today I used about half a teaspoon each of salt, white pepper, garlic power and dill weed and about a cup of mayonnaise; adjust the amount to your liking.
Chicken salad ingredients

Chicken salad ingredients

    • Step 5: Mix in the chicken. Fold the chicken pieces into the veggie mix and you are done.
Chicken salad

Chicken salad

You’ll notice I used a large glass bowl that has a lid. Be sure to cover this and keep refrigerated. It will keep for about 3 days in the fridge. I don’t believe this would freeze well as the onions would become wilted.

Suggestions for serving:

  • By itself in a bowl
  • Atop a lettuce leaf in a bowl – adorn with chopped tomatoes
  • On rye toast with a slice of Havarti (oh yeah)
  • On crackers with some white Zinfandel wine

You can use this same method for tuna fish salad – just add some elbow macaroni for a full meal. I haven’t tried it with any other type of fish – if you do, let me know how it goes.


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